Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Trisket, A..wait I mean Happy Anniversary to Grey Lodge

(mash sparging)
(hops adding)
(Scoats wandering)
Here I thought I had some exclusive material sent along to me from Mr. Scoats of Grey Lodge Pub in Philadelphia. Then, the ever-intrepid Mr. Curtin hit 'post' and I realized I was just another name in the 'to' field. Ah, but wait. Then the originally-inconspicuous benefits of having an intern become clear to me when Scoats' sidekick/intern, Phil, dropped a couple of extra pictures in my inbox to share with you all. I'm not sure that I can really put adequate words around what Scoats and his crew are doing on Frankford Avenue. It's quite the (typical) show of good times, good music, and good food and beverage that they've got planned for August 15th....raised to the power of 13. Thirteen years deserves a little something special, so instead of me spilling it on my pages here, go over to Grey Lodge's website and check it out for yourself. 13 events in 13 hours is what they're saying...pie oh my. 11pm sounds like the capper to a crazy day. yes, pie oh my.

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