Friday, July 10, 2009

As American as Independence Day and Stoudt's Pale Ale

I sit down at my Brew Lounge desk (er, actually, my other desk) yesterday morning and my faithful Lancaster County Correspondent presents me with the front page of the Lancaster Intelligencer Journal...y'know, one of those so-called newspaper thing-ys, printed words with pictures on a tree-based product. Ha, anyway. This is one of the best correspondents a guy could ask for. He brings beers and tales from Lancaster County and is even up for some further research abroad, like in Pittsburgh or San Francisco. He puts the man in wingman. So, the the paper...gotta get the papers, get the papers. Whole point is, if you haven't already caught wind of this, that the Stoudt Family's beer was served at the White House Holiday Picnic last weekend with President Obama, his family, colleagues, and friends. Looks from the article that this American Pale Ale from Stoudt's (the "patriotic one", of course!) has quite a history in our Nation's Capital.

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