Saturday, July 04, 2009

Are you a Homebrewer? Do you have a Dream?

For all of you homebrewers with a dream to take your passion someday to a larger scale, Ken Grossman (Sierra Nevada) addressed the challenges and path to becoming a commercial brewer. Ken covered everything from his earliest days in homebrewing, to the trials and tribulations of starting up a commercial brewery, to "making it" as a successful large-scale brewery, and finally to the circle of brewing that extends from homebrewers to craft brewers to the largest-scale macro brewers. If you didn't make it to the National Homebrewers Conference last week in Oakland, CA, James Spencer at Basic Brewing was permitted to record and post the keynote address that Grossman gave at the conference. It's around an hour long, but for you short-attention span types, don't fret. The content is so engaging (and en-gross-ing? sorry) that it'll be over before you know it. Good stuff, Ken..and thanks to James for making it available.

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Adam said...

Nice find. Thanks.