Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Run/Walk/Ride...or Just Show Up at The General Lafayette this Sunday 7/26

Some of you have already replied and I'm expecting more. Need to know more of what I speak? Check back here. (Need the whole story on The General Lafayette's status? Check here.) Now breweries are getting involved. Okay, just one so's the scoop. I'm going to keep the local Philly-area brewery and the beer a bit of a secret...kind of like a little extra carrot to get some more of you to come out on Sunday. The brewery is hoping to send a few employees out for the run/walk/ride on Sunday and has graciously offered an extra little something in support of The General and what we're doing on Sunday. They're sending over a quarter keg of something you stand very little chance of ever seeing again. !! This, my friends, is one of so many things that makes the beer community, our beer community, so great !! The camaraderie amongst the brewers that brings them together at times like this to help support each other into the future is remarkable and not very common in most industries. So, will you do it too? Heck, I don't care if you show up at The General at 1pm to join us only for lunch. That's all this is really about. Sure, the run/walk/ride would be more fun with more people. But, if only 30, or 20, or 10 do it. That's fine. But, for lunch, let's get 50 people out on Sunday afternoon. Let's fill up at least that many growlers and buy some cases of beer to take home with us. Let's do our part to help keep The General in charge for the next 300 years. What Would the Marquis Do? Cheers!

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