Monday, July 27, 2009

The General would have (and did) approve

(a welcoming sign at The General Lafayette)
The weather might have been better if it actually had was definitely on the hotter side of warm, and the 60% humidity didn't exactly help either. Nonetheless, 7 stalwart runners and bikers came out for a 4 mile run or 6 mile bike ride to/from The General Lafayette yesterday. Same amount came and met up with us afterwards (with our "earthy" aroma, these cleaner individuals were perhaps even braver and more stalwart! come to think of it, we might have even been able to ferment a beer with our "earthiness"!)
(front patio at The General Lafayette)
Anyway, it may not have been the largest group I've ever gathered, but it was definitely for one of the most selfless causes. Unless you count for being selfish wanting to see The General Lafayette still here next year serving up good beer, food, and atmosphere. Nick and Russ commented that it was the busiest Sunday afternoon bar crowds that they've had in a while.
(ready to ride)
Chris Leonard, proprietor, thanks everyone who has thusfar shown support in both verbal and more tangible ways. He had commented that other groups like ours that showed up yesterday are coming up with innovative ways of helping to support their local brewpub. There have been discussions, too, about having a homebrew club write a recipe and subsidize the brewing of a beer that would be named and served in their honor at the pub. After conversations yesterday, I've got another idea that's stewing that could be a fun fall activity involving The General. Stay tuned...
(house with 5 rooms for double occupancy lodging out back of the restaurant)
Nutshell version: Good things are still happening at The General Lafayette Inn & Brewery. With support from customers that care about places like this, they stand a chance of continuing to do what they do. There's a new chef in the kitchen exuding a new passion for food. The Mirage is still one of the tastiest low-alcohol (2.8%) light beers I've ever tasted. They're waiting on an order of fresh honey to make a new batch of Raspberry Mead. The Chocolate Thunder Porter is still as wonderful as ever, both on draft and in the bottle. The Marquis de Lafayette is fresh, very drinkable, and has some wonderful fruit and malt flavors coming through this mid-range Belgian. And Sly Fox is taking up "residency" for the latest brewing partnership.
(Russ Czajka; Jean Broillet; Mr. Lafayette (Marquis de to you); Bryan Kolesar; and if you look really closely in the far, far distance on Forbidden Drive with a flat tire is Suzy Woods)
(taps, people, growlers, and tabs...a good sign for a Sunday afternoon)
(eggs benedict holds a special place in my heart and stomach for a weekend brunch)

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