Sunday, July 05, 2009

Publicans of the Year coming soon to Resurrection Ale House

Okay, so I walk into Local 44 yesterday to watch Stage 1 of this year's Tour de France (you do know, right, that these are seriously some of the world's most fit athletes, right? and that it's a team sport, right? and there are spectacular crashes, right? so why don't more people care?, never mind...) Okay, so as I was saying, Brendan and Ashley opened the shop yesterday morning. After the most pleasant 27 minute ride down the Schuylkill Expressway (er, yeah, how many times are those words strung together in a sentence?!), I found myself as the first person at the bar. I also found myself congratulating Brendan on his (and Leigh's) announcement of a third edition to their growing Philly beer family. Resurrection Ale House is what it will be called...Yello'bar in Grays Ferry is the now-shuttered business in the location where it will be come the fall of '09. Corner of Grays Ferry Ave. and Catherine Street to be exact. An underserved area if I ever saw one. It's been mentioned everywhere else, (yup, and here too) so I suppose I'm a little late to the game. But, I found myself saying to Brendan that even if they did nothing else this year, I'd put them up for Publicans of the Year. Did I find out anything else new? Well, maybe, but things I can't tell. Brendan did mention that there will be 12 taps and 50 bottles, which does seem to substantiate comments you've read across those other links from above about how this third place of theirs will have more of a food-centric approach. Then, I get home to do my rounds on the BeerNet and I find Kindly Mr. Curtin has already bestowed upon them the very same distinction. Ah, there are those big bucks at work again. Ah well, I suppose that we really can't pile too many accolades upon Brendan and Leigh. After all, they in fact are very, very good at what they do. Where other places fail at doing trendy things or half-baked things, these two and their staffs do some very good things in a very consistently well manner. Congrats and continued success to Brendan and Leigh, the staffs at Memphis Taproom, Local 44, and soon-to-be Resurrection Ale House. And, if you haven't yet been to the former two, uh...get You've missed out on some of the best local pub culture that Philly has to offer. Oh, and by the way, the big draw yesterday seemed to be not only the Tour, but the keg of Racer X that put up on tap as well (the XP from Bear Republic on cask was also quite lovely). If you hanker for that sort of thing, fret not, another keg of Racer X will go on tap July 26th, the last day of the Tour de France when it heads down the Champs-Élysées in Paris, France. But, don't wait until then to check out one of the world's finest sporting events.

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