Monday, July 06, 2009

Take a Breath, Let's Catch Up

I've been keeping on my posting end of this Brew Lounge thing lately. Many of you/us have been doing vacation-y, holiday-y type of stuff over the past week or so.

In case you missed anything over the last week (and who can blame you...I've been missing out on a lot of my own reading as the dog days of summer engulf us all), here's a handy-dandy cheat sheet with links to what's been going on at The Brew Lounge.

Check back tomorrow for more good stuff from San Francisco.

July's Calendar of Events was posted...along with a weekly update that gets you through this Wednesday, July 8th

A little something about Sierra Nevada's Beer Camp from Tomme Arthur (already attended) and Howard Weintraub (shipping out in August) I got things underway with the first 3 parts in a series of 6 where I discuss my findings during a recent trip to San Francisco, CA. Part 1...Part 2...and Part 3. You can expect the remaining 3 this week, so quick catch up on your reading and check back tomorrow for Part 4.

Ken Grossman's keynote address to the National Homebrewers Conference via Basic Brewing Radio

A bit where I play middleman for Ommegang tickets for sale (looks like 2 VIP may still remain)

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