Friday, July 24, 2009

See you Sunday at The General?

Last minute checklist Where: General Lafayette Inn & Brewery, (google map) Date: Sunday July 26 Time: 12pm for runners/walkers/bikers; 1pm for meetup at pub Route: The route that I have planned is part road, part dirt/loose gravel. Check out the route map over here. Why: If you don't know The General's current predicament click here. If you are familiar with the story, then you know that we're gathering to drink some beer, eat some food, socialize, and support The General Lafayette. What to bring: Clothing appropriate for exercise, heheh. Otherwise, a wallet and a growler for take home beer. Remember! Chris Leonard, proprietor, said that they will fill any standard-size growler. They are currently out-of-stock of their own branded ones; so if you need a growler, I'd be happy to donate one for your use. Why else you should show up: Other than the excellent General Lafayette beer on tap and in bottles, brewers Larry Horwitz and Jean Broillet over at Iron Hill (West Chester) have donated a "Belgian Single" that they named General Abbeyesque in honor of you know who. The rub here? You'll likely never taste this beer anywhere again, at least not exactly this's a 1/2 barrel (yes, barrel....yes, 1/2) experimental batch that they typically do for R&D, special occasions, and/or gifts/donations. They've donated it for our enjoyment on Sunday. RSVPs are great since it helps the management plan better for our arrival. But, if you can't RSVP, feel free to just show up. So, I've heard weddings and being down the Shore. Any other excuses why you won't show up? p.s. This is an all-weather event!


kmudrick said...

I'll be there. If anyone from CC/South needs a ride I don't mind picking people up.

Anonymous said...

Your restaurant is not going to make it because the food and service suck. No amount of charity can change that.

Christopher Leonard said...

Maybe you could identify yourself... And you're dead wrong on the second point. Constructive criticism from well-meaning patrons can only help bring about positive changes. You imply ownership knows and endorses food and service that "sucks". Nothing could be further from the truth. Anonymous posts with malicious intent are what truly "suck".

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I went today and dragged a friend along. We had a good time, we loved the beer and food. Wish we had been there sooner.

Bryan Kolesar said...

Well, anon, I might thank you for your comment...but it wasn't very helpful.

When voicing your displeasure, you'll need to provide a bit more detail for us to take you seriously.

What do you base your opinion on? One visit or many? Your personal experience or that of others? The food, the bar, the service? During a slow afternoon or a busy evening? Was this an experience years ago or in recent weeks?

Finally, did you speak with a manager about your experience or did you simply turn to the internet to blast your vague opinion out to the world? (Btw, The Brew Lounge doesn't exactly reach "the world" if that was your intent, but thanks for stopping by assuming that it may.) But, you got us talking, and that's just swell.

These are all tips that I encourage anyone leaving, as Chris says, constructive criticism that could be read as an objective review of an establishment, product, or service. We might then take your opinions seriously.

Unknown said...


Thanks for everything. It's one thing to get support from my fellow brewers and restaurant proprietors, which has been fantastic. But, the response from beer lovers and other wonderful folks like you has been beyond anything I could have ever hoped. Cheers to you and all the folks who have come out to support the General Lafayette Inn. I am humbled and truly honored. I hope to repay you all, at a minimum, by brewing a whole lot more delicious beer.


Superfecta said...

Wish I'd heard about this sooner - I'd have definitely come along. I would agree that the service still lags behind the beer and food (which is improved, although there's still room for growth). At our most recent visit last week, the service was appallingly slow - not unfriendly, just not up to usual professional standards of other local restaurants. Our meal took well over 2.5 hours - largely because we were spent a lot of time waiting to order, for refills, for the check, etc. (and there were only two other tables, so it wasn't a crowd issue).

As ever, we really enjoyed the beer and the setting, but the service needs to be more professional - the food is very nearly there!

I'd be happy to participate in another run to keep things going, I do love the place and hope the kinks get worked out.