Sunday, December 02, 2007

Brother T. and some BBQ

Saturday night dinner at TJ's in Paoli, PA brought me back to a night at Bo's BBQ in Lafayette, CA last year. TJ's had the Brother Thelonious from North Coast flowing last night. Paired with pulled pork sandwich made for a perfect of many that TJ's is becoming well-known for. TJ's works beer into practically every dish, and the menu goes even further to suggest a suitable beer pairing. My pulled pork sandwich, for example, is braised with Warsteiner's Dunkel Lager. Patty's chicken was marinated in Lancaster's Hop Hog and the wings come smothered with a choice of Hop Devil, Rauchbier, La Chouffe Honey Mustard, or Chipotle sauces. A great way to start off our night of carousing with Suzanne and her IPA crew. More on that to come.

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