Monday, December 17, 2007

To Collins at Earth, Bread, & Brewery?

Admittedly, that was a weak lead-in, but...

Friend of Rich seems to be a pretty good thing.

Excerpted from a missive of his today, I found this to be one of the more interesting tidbits that he passed along.

He, also a Victory squire, will now be occupying two barstools something like 35 miles apart.

Thanks to him for dropping me these details; he must know of my fondness for the Blind Tiger crew.

Sadly, The Collins Bar is now part of a "redeveloped block" on the edge of the gentrified Times Square.

There will be a bar, a small seating area, kitchen area, including a hearth oven on the first floor and a second bar and seating area on the second floor. The total seating area should accommodate about 100+ people. Tom has acquired a lot of the furniture that will be used in the dining areas from estate auctions. In addition, it is my understanding that Tom was able to obtain the old bar from the Collins Bar that was in midtown NYC from David Brodrick, the owner of Blind Tiger and former owner of the Collins Bar.

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