Thursday, December 13, 2007

I Really Don't Know What To Do With This Stuff

No, I'm not talking about all this beer in various rooms and refrigerators in my house. It's these odds and ends on the Web that I've come across lately. While they're not exactly beer related (actually more like fodder for a certain person's e-mail habit), they do make you stop and say [insert exclamation of amazement or curiosity here!] (mad libs-style). So, maybe that makes them beer-related? At least beer entertainment...okay, I'll stop now... Exhibit #1 - Would beer taste as good the second time around? Uh... Exhibit #2 - Hm, thoughts of how to make this Christmas Season the best ever! Uh... Exhibit #3 - Do I really want one of these? Could the marketing folks at BMC sell make these the next hot thing? Uh...

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