Saturday, December 08, 2007

New Beer Distributors in New York, NY

This isn't so much of a review, but just a quick reference for New Beer Distributors at Rivington & Chrystie streets in the Lower East Side neighborhood of Manhattan. Easily reachable by several subway lines, there's no excuse for visiting NYC and not taking home some of the fine beer from New Beer that's available in the state of New York.

I exercised a fair amount of restraint and came home with just 5 bottles. I'm not sure which bottle I'm most happy to have found. Probably could be the Sprecher, a Wisconsin brewery to which I was introduced for only the first time almost exactly a year ago at The Collins Bar (sadly now part of a razed city block making way for more of those "much-needed" condos). You may recall me writing about the wonderful day trip to NYC. Though, the Okocim Porter, Sierra Nevada 2007 Harvest, Scaldis/Bush De Noël, and the Goose Island Bourbon County are nothing to overlook either.

New Beer has much, much more beer available, plus a few kegs for draft beer that they'll serve up for you too. There's always next time.

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Anonymous said...

I wish they had the GI Bourbon County Stout when I was last there. Nice haul and nice restraint.