Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Twas the Afternoon Before Christmas at Victory

And, oh what a sight it was. The crew at Victory probably didn't expect the bar seats would all be filled and the takeout line would extend to the door when they decided to open for a few short hours on Christmas Eve. No matter the reason, be it celebrating the completion of shopping, having the day off from work, procrastinating family visits or chores, or whatever, the bar scene at Victory yesterday afternoon sure oozed with good suds and good cheer. One by one came all of The Usual Suspects* ('two by two' is a different biblical reference!) to stop for a quick respite before going about the remainder of their day. It was almost like a timed event. Almost like it was the release of Baltic Thunder! I'm not sure that I saw one person without a growler or sixpack in hand. Obviously, many had a similar thought as a mine. Why wouldn't it make sense when planning Christmas Eve or Christmas Day dinner to have some fresh brew from our local brewery? And while having the growler filled, why wouldn't I have a full tasty glass of Storm King from the hand pump? When finishing the Hop Wallop from the growler today, it will be difficult not to think about all of the holiday cheer at Victory yesterday and calculating how long it will take for me to go back and get another Storm King. Granted, the '03 Storm King cask is gone, but the current one they have on now is downright delish. Happy Holidays to all of you. Hope your week is filled with happy times....and at least one good beer! * I'll just refer to everyone collectively as The Usual Suspects, in case any of them were expected to be somewhere else and not "supposed to be at Victory" ;-)


Greg G. said...

Merry Christmas Bryan. Sounds like Victory was a good time. I am pissed I am going to miss the Baltic Thunder debut in a few weeks. I guess I will have to bribe people with Belgian beers to save me a few bottles from the first year.

I hope you are drinking something good tonight. I am sure you are.


Anonymous said...

Byran, it was good to see you yesterday along with the other "usual suspects" and other regulars. Yeah, there was a lot holiday spirit in the air and a lot of Victory beer being consumed, including cask Stormy, and as you pointed out alot of mobile brew in the form of growlers, sixers or cases.

A very beery and Merry Christmas to you Byran and to all of you that read and enjoy The Brew Lounge.