Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Drafting Room & Patrick Mullin

Even when head beer guy, Patrick Mullin, announces that he's leaving The Drafting Room, the story still manages to involve Baltic Thunder. As Jack points out, the Baltic Thunder is the story that keeps on giving. While the unveiling of the Perkuno's Hammer remake was Patrick's baby, he won't be around on the big day. With all that Patrick has done for better beer in the region, and specifically northern Chester County, he should quickly become a valuable part of the Sierra Nevada team. It will be different, with The Drafting Room being one of the best and closest beer bars to my house, to walk in there and not see Patrick come out from the back or down the stairs with his trademark greeting. But, on the other hand, we will be seeing him during more "typical" waking hours and be sitting on this side of the bar with him. I'm sure that I speak for most of us when I wish him and Tracy all the best in this next chapter of their life.

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Adam said...

I wish him the best of luck. What a great guy :-)