Thursday, December 13, 2007

No Hop Shortage at Boston Beer Co.

So, heheh, sorry that I abused your trust this morning by passing along non-beer related content...actually kinda spam-like, eh? Hope you enjoyed it! Promise this will happen no more than a couple of times a year

Let's now get back to the topic at hand......

Apparently, Jim and company are rolling in this stuff. So much so, that they're packaging Hallertau (Mittelfrueh, at that) into cute little marketing bags for beer distributors who can hang them around bottlenecks. Sort of reminds me of those little caches that you can hang in your closet, slip into your clothing drawers or pillow cases. You know, you find them at those cutesy stores...I mean, not that I've ever done that. I've heard. I'm just saying is all ;-)


Anonymous said...

What out. Some of the conspiracy theorists on certain websites with the initials BA will get wind of this and say that they knew BBC had the hops to make the Long Shot beer now.

Bryan Kolesar said...

har, good point ;-)