Monday, December 10, 2007

Thank You Sir, May I Have Another Stone?

I never get tired of passing along the mouthwatering details of the next great thing at Blind Tiger Ale House in New York, NY. So, without further delay, here's the next great thing coming this Wednesday on Bleecker Street. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A long time ago, there was a little event to introduce a little brewery that made some very modest beers. As the years went by the little beer bar, the little beer event and even the little brewery grew, and grew, and - well, you know. Then finally, this little sweet gathering to celebrate this small lovable brewery came to a crossroad. As they were trying to decide which way to go on their magical adventure - the Blind Tiger's Stone Brewery Event ripped their heads off, stepped on them, grounded them in to paste and put them on a cracker for a light low fat snack (also, low carbs - since The Tiger and Stone like to maintain their figures for the "beaching" months). It was tasty, simple and made us laugh evilly (just go with it, okay? Please?). This Wednesday Dec. 12 @ 12:00PM, The Blind Tiger and Stone Brewing Company will join forces to kick your craft-beer appreciating butts. The List Stone 10th Anniversary IPA Stone 11th Anniversary Ale 2005 Double Bastard Ale 2006 Double Bastard Ale 2007 Stone Imperial Russian Stout 2004 Stone Old Guardian Barleywine 2007 Stone Old Guardian Barleywine Stone Double Dry Hopped IPA (Columbus and Amarillo ..let the salivating begin) Oaked Arrogant Bastard Ale Stone Arrogant Bastard Stone IPA Stone Smoked Porter Stone Ruination IPA Stone Pale Ale and to make it an "Epic" event........ Stone 070707 Vertical Epic Ale! Oh - on an important note - even though this was an "evil" e-mail, there will be some good... The Blind Tiger and Stone Brewing Company will be donating a percentage of the night's total to Toys for Tots. So please come enjoy yourselves and help some under-privileged children have a very special holiday.


kmudrick said...

I love the Blind Tiger (only been there once, but it was an awesome experience) but... Monk's Stone event last Spring had way way way rarer/tastier treats IMHO.

Bryan Kolesar said...

Unfortunately, I missed the Monk's version earlier this year because of work conflict. But, I hear, like you say that it was damn fine (and consumer-friendly priced) event!

Anonymous said...

I think every bottle at the Monk's event was $10 per, even the VE 03.03.03 and RIS from a few years back.

The lineup at the Blind Tiger looks ver good as well.