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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Mother of all PA Beer Road Trips!

Ok Ok if you tried really hard you might be able to do better, but, what a PA beer road trip. Check out Nate's blog. Nate's Beer Trip Nate, do you need help drinking those growlers? ;-)


Nate said...

Hey, thanks for the plug. It was quite a day and I think the planets must have been aligned just right or something ;)

That was really my first all day road trip of this nature since coming back from Europe. I'm glad we did it Wednesday considering the weather of the past couple of days!

Sometime in the near future, I think we'll do another one and head up to the west and north: North Country, Sprague Farms, Voodoo, Erie, etc. And, of course, there's always Harrisburg and Lancaster area. Too much to see, too little time!

Adam said...

Uh...yeah...but, do you need help drinking those growlers? ;-)

Nate said...

Thanks, but my wife and I were able to handle the two I brought home :)

Jon & Lacey ... they might need help. They brought back 7? I think.

Adam said...

Whoa! Seven?

Loren said...

Heartland of PA has one of my fave brewpub collections around. Just visited Marzoni's a few weeks back for the first time, after meeting and chatting with Bill previously at other PA Fests. Great place. Excellent beers.

I would live at Selin's Grove if I could.

Cheers guys!