Thursday, March 29, 2007

Of Choices between Weyerbacher, Union Barrel Works, Stoudt's, and Victory

Ah, the agony of picking between two quality events this coming Saturday. While a whole bunch of fun beer-loving folks from Beer Advocate are heading out on a bus tour to the newly opened (or at least very, very soon to open) Union Barrel Works in Reamstown, I was planning to buck the trend and head up to Easton for Weyerbacher's annual open house. I attended the open house last year and great karma was oozing all around...along with 15 or so of their delectable brews. Plus, with Blasphemy and Wild Ale being two new additions to this year's open house, I figured it was worth the drive on what is due to be a nice weather day. But, then I got a lot of grief from certain individuals, one of whom is organizing the bus tour and was plying me with Allagash Curieux at the time. Then, there's my friend Dennis who lives 1/2 mile from UBW, who's anxiously been awaiting the opening and going to be there anyway, and was hoping to pull up a barstool along side of me on Saturday. So, bending to peer pressure (beer pressure?), I started leaning back to the UBW-Stoudt's-Victory bus tour. Though, I would drive and not take the bus, in order to hang out with Dennis later for dinner. But, then I see Dan's posting over at BA and, well, what can I say? I'm back squarely on the fence and it ain't feeling too comfy! Ah, the choices we must make. Anyone else want to try and persuade me on which direction to head on Saturday....westerly? or northeasterly? Unfortunately, we will not be able to fill growlers of the Wild Ale, we want there to be enough to last the entire event. We are going to produce at least 2 wild Ales with Brett for market in about 8 to 12 months. They will be bottled in the tall Chimay type bottle, corked and caged. Supplies will be very limited at the beginning, but we will continue to produce these beers in limited quantity depending on demand. What's being sampled is now 9 months old, and may not be the final recipe version we use, but will give you some idea of what we are working on, and its quite an intriguing beer already! Dan

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