Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Session #1 - Drink-A-Stout Friday

In keeping with The Session project that Stan kicked off this month, we're tasting stout-style beer today. If you've missed all the banter this week, here's a recap. Stan's Page Our initial posting A listing of some of our stouts on hand here at The Brew Lounge - So, what did we and all of our loyal readers indulge in? Here's a recap: Adam: Started with my very own Stoutenporter (kitchen sink homebrew) with some espresso, black strap molases and lotsa malt. This is one I can only have a wee bit of at a time. Next up Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout with my wife. Then we shared a Left Hand Milk Stout with Brian H. I finished the night off with a Victory Storm King. Soon I was sleeping on the couch. What a wonderful 6 hours. Good first session :-) Hmmm...stouts can vary soooo much from one style to another. Its like that deep dark color is an excuse to go into forbidden territory and gives the brewer permission to brew something creative. From a slightly sweet smooth milk stout to a big roasty chocolate malt bomb of an Russian imperial stout (RIPS) to a hoppy nosed and hoppy tasting high octane RIPS and then there's my kitchen sink brew that throws all the rules out the window. What is a stout anyway? I don't know, but, I like it ;-) Bryan: After whetting my whistle with a SNPA and a Stoudt's Tripel, I dove headfirst into Brooklyn Chocolate Stout, Hopback Entire Stout, and capped off the night with a North Coast Old Rasputin R.I.S. Gotta save some energy for the inaugural Philly Craft Beer Festival on Saturday! Nate: Well - a day late, but I did enjoy a stout last night, though as an impy stout not sure it counts as a 'session'. Anyway, it was Oskar Blues Ten FIDY on tap and my notes are here


Anonymous said...

I taste-tested Bell's Kalamazoo Stout agaist their Java Stout.

KS: This was a pretty traditional stout, albeit with a little extra bite. Pretty smooth up front, spicy in the middle, and a traditional stout finish.

JS: Strong coffee flavor make this one of the bolder beers I've had recently. Absolutely full of flavor, the roasted stout matches greatly with the coffee.

Verdict: I like the Java a little better because of its coffee flavor, but its intensity makes it difficult to drink more than one. If I was going to drink a couple, I'd go with the Kalamazoo.

HanzerBiscuit said...

Tasted Dominion Oak Barrel Stout.

Overall a decent stout nothing I would go out of the way for but decent.

Anonymous said...

Stoutenporter?! You have to post the recipe! I gotta brew this one.

Adam said...

I'll post it one of these days. Along with the mistakes I made while brewing it.