Thursday, March 08, 2007

A Victory for Beer & Food

It's great to hear that Victory has opened up a section of their website dedicated to this topic of pairing food with beer. They'll be adding more content over time, but for now you will find recipes and some other good content on the topic. You know how we here at The Brew Lounge love beer and food.....and food with beer too! If nothing else, our trips to Monk's Cafe dinners demonstrate that. And, when The Brewmaster's Table book by Garrett Oliver occupies that top spot on the bookshelf and is a recurring reference point, that says something too. We know the folks from Victory are all over this topic, given their beer and cheese sessions at Wegmans, the beer dinners that they host at the brewery, and the session with Matt from Victory's kitchen cooking up mussels with Sunrise Weiss beer at the Philly Craft Beer Festival last weekend. This represents just another way in which the industry is getting the word out that beer can be just as sophisticated as any other beverage and does in fact go with food and is appropriate for more than just an afternoon softball game in the summertime. Is that a run-on sentence? Here are just a few more instances of better beer and food coming together. Ah, worlds colliding, a beautiful thing! Homebrew Chef (Sean Paxton) Brewers Association All About Beer Stan Hieronymous Beer Advocate Rate Beer Cooking Light Harpoon Brewery

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Eli said...

Bryan, thanks for this round-up.

One resource that had me thinking about this was a homebrew recipe book I borrowed from Nate, Beer Captured. Along with each brew recipe, there is a short blurb with a suggested beer pairing.

Very handy, especially for someone who love cook and drink good beer, but is often stumped in which direction to go.