Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Beer Tasting: Weyerbacher Winter Ale

The Beer: Weyerbacher Winter Ale Style: Winter Warmer Reviews: Beer Advocate Rate Beer -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Packaging & Date Stamping: 12 oz. brown bottle; no date stamp From where & how stored: Exton Beverage warm and then my fridge Pricing: $26.99 per case of 24 Availability: Winter seasonal ABV, IBU, and Other Available Stats: 5.6% ABV -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bryan's Notes The Look: - Dark ale; gives off a dark reddish-brown glow - tight one-finger tan colored head - ring of swirly lace hangs around for the duration The Aroma: - a pleasant, rich aroma - burnt, roasty notes - tiny bit of sweetness The Taste: - the flavor isn't as deep and complex as the nose was leading me to believe it might be - medium carbonation - slight off-bitterness in the finish - a bit thinner than I would have preferred for a "winter ale/warmer" The Verdict: Nice drinking, but hard for me to pick anything, other than the aroma, that I thought was memorable. Could drink a second one, but that would be enough. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Adam's Notes The Look: - almost porter like dark brown - I could still see through it in a pint glass The Aroma: - smells kinda nutty and slightly sweet - roasted grain is present The Taste: - reminds me of a brown ale with more roasty grain - kinda like the spruce with no spruce and extra roastiness - slight peppery taste up front - light sweet lingering aftertaste The Verdict: Well I bought a case of it. Not bad for a standard winter ale to have around, but, I probably won't buy a case again.

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