Friday, March 09, 2007

Thirsty Dog to production brew in Akron, OH

Thirsty Dog to production brew in Akron, OH Maybe this will quell some of my concerns and silence my questions of the past couple of years. Are they open or closed? Brewing their own or contract brewing? Still winning awards, though...plenty of them (can you say 15 awards in the past 7 years?) Should I stock up on the Siberian Night, because it may not be around forever? Well, it looks like with their own production facility in Akron, we should be enjoying more of their beers in the foreseeable future. What? You're saying you haven't had a beer from Thirsty Dog before? That's your homework for the weekend. Try an Old Leghumper (porter) or a Siberian Night (R.I.S.), which are probably the two of their easiest to find (Hoppus Maximus pops up occasionally too). You shouldn't be disappointed.

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Eli said...

Good deal, I just got a bottle of Siberian Night earlier this week.