Thursday, March 29, 2007

Put a (Blind) Tiger in your Tank

After failing to come up with a clever title, you're stuck with my lame excuse of a headline for this excellent news from NYC. If there's any doubt about the return of the Blind Tiger, this should settle things for you. For your reading pleasure and teasing, here's the latest e-mail from Alan. Now, just figure out how to get there on Monday. ================================================================= Dear Tigerites, First of all, I can't tell you how much I appreciate seeing all you having a beer and a bite at the new space. It almost makes me want to cry in my beer or, maybe, just drink my beer...actually, it just makes me drink...forget the crying thing...sorry. I know everyone has been patiently waiting for us to get back up to speed, and I thank you for that patience. Giving birth to a tiger is not a simple task - especially if you aren't a tiger, or a woman for that matter. But now that we're purring, I figured it was time to break out some very special beers! Besides crying in a corner for the past year, I've done my share of begging breweries to make or keep some special treats for our dedicated Tigerites. Disgusted by seeing a grown man beg like a small hairless dog, the brewers finally complied. Please no comments about the crying or the dog or, especially, the hair-less know how sensitive I can be. So here's the deal... Monday April 2nd, we'll be opening at 7:00PM! You might ask, "why, Alan, at 7:00PM?" The answer is simple...that's how long it's going to take me to tap these fantastic kegs, and I want to drink a pint of each one before you get your greedy hands on them! So come to the Tiger (281 Bleecker St.) at 7:00PM, April 2nd, and come very thirsty! The List: Sixpoint Blind Bengali Tiger (that's right, blind!) Allagash Inoculator (berries with that triple?) Alchemist Heady Topper (Double IPA only found in VT) Alchemist Heathen (John Kimmick's Spring IPA (see above)) Dogfish Black and Blue (get ready to be beaten Black and Blue) Burlington's Hearth/American Flatbread (beer style TBA) Smuttynose (Imperial Brown Dog - PS. the brown dog passed away on the day of our opening, we will miss her...) Victory (beer TBA) Brooklyn Blast (one of Mr. Oliver's finest) Blue Point Imperial Stout (cask and awesome) Rogue Brewer (big, bad, and tasty) Avery Hog Heaven (Adam will knock you out) Stone Russian Imperial Stout (ouch!) Stone Ruination (Ouch, ouch!) Sierra Big Foot aged in Bourbon Barrels (the one and only) Also, watch out for some extra goodies... If that wasn't enough for you, this Sat. and Sunday we'll be opening our doors at 11:30AM for Brunch! After Monday our new regular hours will be 11:30AM til 4:00AM, with the kitchen staying open til 2:00AM (for those late night munchies). Thank you, thank you, thank you, Alan

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