Thursday, March 22, 2007

Poll: Session vs. Extreme Beer Wrapup

A few weeks ago we polled our readers with this question.

Would you rather drink a session beer or an extreme beer?

The options were session beer, extreme beer or other. About fourty five votes were cast and to the left you can see that extreme beer received fourty two percent, session beer received thirty six percent and "other" received twenty seven percent of the votes.

What does this tell us. Considering a few people had some questions about the actual definition of the terms extreme and session, I'm not really sure. There is no definitive "winner" here. I would interpret it as an indication that we are interested in this topic, but, we're still exploring the idea of what these beer types are.

Anybody wanna offer up their definitions. Here are mine.

A session beer is a beer that is lower in alcohol and doesn't shred your palate.
(highly technical term I assure you)

An extreme beer is a beer with more alcohol and/or shreds your palate.
Why do I care? I like the idea of a beer that still tastes good even after having a few. I don't think brewers have really explored this area enough. Also, the alcohol is obviously a big part of why many people like beer, but, low alchohol beer is easier to cope with in general.

Disagree? Agree? What's your definition in 100 words or less?

Our next poll is just around the corner.

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