Thursday, January 31, 2008

Blind Harrisburg

Not everyone will be partaking in the Super Festivities this weekend. It's good to see that not all establishments will cave in to the hoopla. But, the real nugget (so to speak), is found in the last sentence regarding a new beer to NYC.
Super Sunday is at hand... Now, as all of you know, the Tiger doesn’t have the whole crazy 8,000 HDTV’s, or the foamy hands, or the big banners, or the crazy fans, or angry losers, or the…okay, I'll stop. BUT… We do happen to have great craft beers and free kielbasa (with the football fixings)... Yeah, great beer and free tasty snacks, I know this sounds like a bribe to supplement for our lack of football hoopla…but the truth of the matter is…uh...that it is a bribe… I figured as we go in to the 100th week of political debates - truth might be the new spin. So join us on Super Bowl Sunday for some great beers and some great food! We'll be setting everything up at 7:30PM for your football and pairing needs... Also, on Feb. 6th @ 4:00PM we will be introducing Tröegs to NYC...draught list TBA.

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