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The Path To Philly Beer Week 2008 - A Profile of Stoudt's Brewing Company

They may not make or distribute as much beer as Victory, but when it comes to Philadelphia-area beer, there is a shared place in people's minds for Stoudt's Brewing Company of Adamstown (Lancaster County), PA. With Ed and Carol at the helm of this iconic Pennsylvania brewpub for over twenty years, Stoudt's has been built into one of the country's finest examples of a family-run brewery & restaurant business with a heavy emphasis on their German roots.

From Center City Philly, without traffic you can be in bucolic, Amish, and antiques/flea market country of Lancaster County in just over an hour. With a son in sales, son-in-law in the brewhouse, and daughters in various aspects of the business, there's certainly more than just a metaphoric family feel to a visit to Stoudt's. And, it would be a mistake to overlook the restaurant side of the business, complete with a raw bar, choice cuts of meat, and wine list. There's an affordable motel next door, so there's one less reason not to make a decadent, hours-long visit to Stoudt's. Hm, I think we'll need to try that again sometime soon.

As you ready yourself for Philly Beer Week 2008, study up on some background notes on Stoudt's and consider yourself lucky to be part of such a vibrant and rich beer region that PBW 2008 will celebrate.

Name: Stoudt's Brewing Company
Location: Route 272, 2800 North Reading Road, Adamstown, PA 19501
Phone: 717-484-4386

Carol & Ed Stoudt; founders & owners
John Matson; head brewmaster
Several other brewers and assistant brewers

Major Brands

American Pale; Blonde Double Mai Bock; Double IPA; Fat Dog Stout; Helles Gold; Pils; Scarlet Lady ESB; Smooth Hoperator; Triple; Weizen

Gold, GABF 1990
Silver, GABF 1993

Silver, GABF 1991

Dortmunder Export
Silver, GABF 1990

Gold, GABF 1992
Bronze, GABF 2000

Gold (Munich-Style Helles)
Gold, GABF 1992, WBC 1996
Silver, GABF 1988, GABF 1994

Golden Lager (Munich-Style Helles)
Silver, GABF 1992
Bronze, GABF 1991

Honey Double Mai Bock
Gold, WBC 2000
Silver, GABF 1992, GABF 1996
Bronze, GABF 1994, WBC 2000
Hon. Mtn., GABF 1995

Gold, GABF 1991
Bronze, GABF 2004, GABF 2007

Gold, GABF 1993, GABF 1994, GABF 1997
Silver, GABF 1999
Bronze, GABF 1995

Gold, GABF 1989, GABF 1990
Silver, GABF 2007

13 states including most of mid-Atlantic and CA, MI, OH, & GA

Roughly 10,000 bbls/year

History & Tidbits
  • Stoudt's Black Angus restaurant opened in 1964
  • Stoudt's Antique Mall (behind restaurant) opened in 1972
  • Karl Strauss mentored the Stoudts in brewing
  • Brewery opened in June 1987
  • Daughters, Son, Daughter-in-law, Son-in-law all involved in business
  • Stoudtburg Village opened in 1995
  • Eddie's Breads opened in 1997 and sells crafted bread under the same roof

  • Major Yearly Events
  • Microfest (held 3 times a year)
  • Oktoberfest (1 main weekend, followed by 4 similar weekends)

  • Where to Find Stoudt's During Philly Beer Week
  • Joe Sixpack's event on the 7th will feature their Gold
  • German Beer Heritage with Marnie Old on the 8th will showcase the Smooth Hoperator & Gold
  • Will be pairing their Mai Bock with London Grill's meatballs at The Brewer's Plate at the Independence Visitor's Center on Sunday the 9th
  • South Philly Tap Room's beer dinner on the 10th will include a firkin of Fat Dog Stout
  • Talk Stoudt's history with Carol at an historic Philly tavern, McGillin's, on Tuesday the 11th while they pour their Winter Ale
  • On the 13th @ White Dog CafĂ©, their 2007 GABF success will be celebrated along side other regional winners
  • Meet John Matson at Standard Tap on Friday the 14th (and another firkin of Fat Dog)
  • "Big Brother Pils" (new Imperial Pilsner) will be brewed for Philly Beer Week as a tribute to Michael Jackson's legacy
  • Scarlet Lady ESB will be included in the Real Ale Festival on Sunday the 16th
  • Carol will co-host a beer dinner at London Grill and join a tour Eastern State Penitentiary on the 16th

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