Monday, January 21, 2008

Ron's Original Bar & Grille: Construction Update 1/21/08

This came via e-mail update from the folks at Ron's. It's finally off the ground; Add this construction project to the list. Let's see, this makes West Mt. Airy (Earth Bread & Brewery), Downingtown (Victory), Philadelphia (Yards), and now Uwchlan Twp/Exton. I'm probably missing some brewery/brewpub-related construction project here in the Delaware Valley, but these alone give us promise that the flow of better beer in this region will continue through 2008. Ron's Original Bar & Grille, aka Ron's Schoolhouse Bar & Grille, has been talking about this long-anticipated expansion for some time now. For the beer lover in all of us, this should be a welcome addition to the area. Tom M. and company already bust their butts to stock the to-go coolers with great bottled beer...soon there'll be 16 taps a-flowing with draft beer. Can't wait!
To Our Loyal Customers: As you may have heard, we are about to start a new era in our restaurant life. The extensive remodeling project that we have all been waiting for is finally upon us! We will remain open throughout most of the construction and will only close when it is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. During this phase there may be times when we run low on certain food, beverage or condiment items - please be patient with us, the end result will be well worth it. Ron would like to stress, as he has already to many of our guests, that the food itself and our prices will NOT change. During this exciting time we will communicate as best we can through signage and our website if and when we will be closed. Be sure to visit if there is any question as to whether or not we will be open. Or call 610-594-9900 for updates via a daily message about the progress of our construction. Thank you for your continued support. Ron's Original Bar & Grille


Adam said...

Ok...that must be the most annoying web page I've seen in a while. Somebody ought to show them the blink tag. That would be more pleasant.

Maybe its IE 6 that is causing it to fade in out over and over again.

Adam said...

Looks like it is a browser thing. Mozilla Firefox 2 seems to handle the fade fine.

Ok..ok I emailed them instead of just ranting ;-)