Thursday, January 03, 2008

Tearing Down Walls at Victory

Or should this be retitled: "Is Bigger Better?" Here's the official announcement that was issued by Victory yesterday, passed along by Richard. "Please pardon appearance as we bring you a bigger and better Victory. It's our goal to minimize any inconvenience to our customers during this transition. For a portion of our construction time we will be reducing seating by 80% and offering an abbreviated menu. The pool tables and video games will not be available during this period. Partial shutdown is anticipated to be from February until April. The retail center will be open during this time. Total shutdown is anticipated to be from April until May. We expect to re-open in May. Some of our new features will be: a brand new kitchen with an authentic wood smoked barbecue pit, copious booth seating, a 15-ft projection TV, two 60-inch LCD TVs, a state of the art tap beer system and full size pool tables that will be available free to the public Monday thru Thursdays."


Adam said...

Ok...I can't imagine them shutting all the way down for a month or so. Wow.

On the other hand the new features sound great.

I'm also dreaming a bit here, I don't get to hang out there more than a few times a year anyway :-(

Anonymous said...

This is great news. My wife and I always talked about how they needed to freshen up the bar area; add a few tv's etc. Now the pub can be as great as the beer!!

Bryan Kolesar said...

I've always liked that it feels like you're first in a production brewery, and oh by the way it's a restaurant too. There are not enough places like that in my opinion. Many of them are brewpubs where, hey we're a restaurant, with a brewery operation over there in the corner, in the back room, or in the basement.

I really hope that the brewery feel to it survives.

Anonymous said...

hope the brew prices aren't affected.

Bryan Kolesar said...

the prices for growlers and their V series bottles have always been reasonable, haven't they?

Anonymous said...

Prices for both of those are very reasonable. $5 for a V bottle is a steal.