Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Inaugural Brew Lounge Meetup at TJs a Success!

Thanks to all who came out to TJs last night for the Inaugural Brew Lounge Meetup. I'd have to say it was a success with a dozen beer loving folks there (2/3 male, 1/3 female...a predictable ratio?) chatting up and drinking down some of TJs finer offerings. We didn't do anything formal, just a casual quaffing of some decent beer along with some of the kitchen's fine food creations. I think the only thing close to an announcement that I made was while casually raising a glass and saying "cheers, thanks for coming tonight." Jeff was a gracious host, even bringing out a Green Peppercorn Tripel from The Brewer's Art, which was brewed in Royersford's Sly Fox....for the Baltimore market. Alas, the Philly market has not seen this beer on its local shelves, even though it was brewed in our own back yard. We couldn't be more happy that Jeff was willing to share. Thanks! So, when's the next one, you ask? There was discussion last night about doing it as frequently as monthly...possibly on a weekend afternoon...rotating around to various establishments. We'll see. I wanted to get last night behind us first and do an evaluation. I'd say that with a dozen people coming out on a Wednesday night to Paoli, you can bet we'll do it again soon. Stay tuned... I owe you all a lot more. Five beer adventures from last weekend to write about. And, oh yeah, Philly Beer Week. Not sure how to tell you that my picture is in the men's (and women's) rest room at TJs. By now, you've heard (though not through me...weird, eh?) about the TJs/Bryson/Kolesar beer event during PBW. More on that to come...real soon...I promise.

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