Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Inaugural Brew Lounge Meetup - Last Call

The TBL meetup is almost here. Some of you have replied via e-mail to me; thanks for the notice. We've got some tables being put together for us, but there'll always be room for more if you can't commit ahead of time. No big deal at all. Of course, TJs will have plenty of great beer available in draft and bottle format. And, if you haven't eaten there before, there's definitely a little of something for everyone....and virtually every dish has beer worked into the recipe in some manner. There we go...it's on. I'll be getting there around 6pm. Just ask for the Brew Lounge table when you come in. No start time, no ending time, no rules, no stress, just drinking some good beer with friends. Oh, and lest ye get the wrong impression...the Brew Lounge is not picking up the tab....full disclosure, right?! Hope to see you at TJs.


Adam said...

I think my son and I will stop over and get a bite to eat and check in on the crew.

Do we get a preview of the Philly Beer Week shpiel? ;-)

Bryan Kolesar said...

no preview, sorry. Actually, I won't be doing any talking tonight at all. Gonna take a vow of silence, just imbibing ;-)

Anonymous said...

Enjoy yourself gents. I was planning to join you but now that I know I can't eat and drink for free...I can't make it. Just kidding.

Someone have a Pannepot and a draft for me!

Anonymous said...

Bryan, I think this is a great idea. I wish I could attend but my wife works at night and I watch our kids. Perhaps and early afternoon weekend gathering in the future.


Bryan Kolesar said...

We had 12 people show up tonight and for the first attempt at this concept, I would deem it a pretty big success.

There was talk of doing this as often as every month.....rotating it to different locations.....and maybe on a weekend. Anything and everything is on the table at this point.

Thanks to everyone coming out tonight and we'll be doing it again soon....so stay tuned!