Saturday, January 31, 2009

Go Super Bowl...yea...whatever

I'm a bitter, petty fan. I'm the type that wants to see the team that beat mine to be likewise beaten, times ten. That's just me, no apologies. Others want to know that their team lost to the ultimate championship team. But, a Cinderella story like the Arizona Cardinals. They were never really hateable, even when they were in the Eagles division. Not even when the Eagles almost moved to Phoenix, and barely even still now that the, uh, "city" of Phoenix has taken over Philadelphia in the mostly pointless debate about largest cities. So, who am I pulling for in this year's Super Bowl? Eh, flip a coin I suppose. Pittsburgh I suppose is where my heart would be. I enjoy at least one trip a year there for hockey and beer. The city's pretty decent, the people not so bad either...except for the rabid fans who really want to pretend to be like voracious Eagles fans ;-) A couple of years ago when the Steelers got their 'one for the thumb,' I wrote a little bit (by my standards ;-) about Pittsburgh. Most of which content still holds true. So, if you care to read about Pittsburgh and its beers and bars, then take the beer machine back a couple of years in time and check out what the 'Burgh has to offer. If that doesn't interest you, perhaps a compilation of someone's choice of the top 43 Super Bowl commercials will. (get it, right? Super Bowl 43 or XLIII) Maybe this year's Super Bowl will end with Kurt Warner's team being stymied on the half yard line; that'd be ironic, eh? Enjoy the weekend, however you may choose to do.

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