Thursday, January 08, 2009

Resolve to Eat and Drink well...Tonight in Doylestown at Villa Capri

I rarely do New Year's Resolutions (make them, that is...forget about keeping them). I instead prefer the approach of picking any time of the year to change a way, a habit, a goal in the spirit of making a 'better me.' But, this year, one thusfar unspoken and unwritten resolution (regarding the pursuit of all good that beer has to offer) has been/will be to search out the smaller and, shall we say, off-the-beaten-path events on the calendar. They may turn out to be less expensive too, but that's not really the motivation. The motivation is to support not just the high-end, high profile beer dinners (e.g. Monk's), beer festivals (e.g. Ommegang), and the like. Granted, these things must and will still be on my calendar. But, take tonight for example. We're going to check out Lee Marren, who recently left Spinnerstown Hotel (and previously Legacy Brewing in Reading, PA) to be the Mid-Atlantic spokesman for Stone Brewing from southern California. Tonight Lee's hosting a simple (I say that with all affection) tasting of four Stone beers paired with pizza and other small bites at Villa Capri in Doylestown, PA. I wouldn't be surprised if most of you missed it on the beer calendar of events. Sure, same beer time, same beer date...Tria with Tom Baker...looks interesting but it's sold out so you can't go anyways. My goal is to help bring attention to any event occurring that aims to promote the consumption of better beer, especially when it's paired with food. The city version of supporting lower profile events tonight would be at The Khyber where they'll be helping to debut Philadelphia Brewing's new Joe Espresso Porter with $2 glassfuls from 5pm-7pm. If you're in the City and want to head out to Doylestown after happy hour for some pizza and Stone beer, it's an easy ride on SEPTA's R5 to the Doylestown stop (actually, the end of the line so you can't miss it!), then just a couple of block walk.

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