Friday, January 16, 2009


Not gonna go into anything too sudsy here tonight other than to say that I'm staying warm with, ironically, some Great Lakes treats (Eliot Ness Lager and Christmas Ale). This being one of the coldest nights of the year in many places where you may be reading this, it reminds me that I should be thankful for a roof over my head, a job that keeps the furnace running, and a lifestyle that allows me to enjoy the good things in life like this Flying Fish Grand Cru Winter Reserve beer, one that I just may be ready to proclaim one of the best of the 2008/2009 winter season. I'm hoping that this evening finds you warm and counting your blessings as well. Not everyone is so fortunate. Those of us who can, could and should always do more than just think about helping those less fortunate.


Adam said...

Agreed. Darn cold I tell ya.

Might have to crack open an old barleywine from the reserves. Not too many of these left. I don't think any of them are going to make it to 10 years :-(

Bryan Kolesar said...

With another single digit night ahead of us, it's time to start thinking about being thankful with some more good brew tonight!

Adam said...

Yeah, the only thing that would make it better would be some good brewin'. Just picked up a 33lb jug of Liquid Malt Extract :-)

Greg G. said...

Hey Bryan, Adam, how are you guys doing? I am sorry it is so cold there. We hit negative 13c last week but it has WARMED up to negative 1 or zero now. I am trying to warm up with a Westvleteren 12 and a Cervesia.


Bryan Kolesar said...

A guy's gotta do what a guy's gotta do to stay warm. Hang in there!!

p.s. Too much Westy? Send some here, we'll find something to do with it! LET'S GO EAGLES! (hope you get to watch it)

Greg G. said...

I will be watching the game for sure! We had friends over to watch the game on a laptop slingbox last week, some from the US and some from South Africa and New Zealand. This week to get a better connection I ponied up for the NFL online thing which is expensive for this one game but worth it for an Eagles fan!
When the Eagles win the Super Bowl I will send a Westy gift pack your way!!