Sunday, January 11, 2009

Running with Beer in the Bay Area

I've always enjoyed reading Jay Hinman's reviews of beers and locations that he runs into in the Bay Area (keeping me up-to-date while I can't be there) and as he travels the country. Recently, he reviewed Southampton's Cuvee des Fleurs, one of my perennial faves. Now he's taking up running. It's refreshing that he approaches it from a 'I really enjoy running' perspective as opposed to the resolutiony-type of 'I'm getting fat and need to run to lose the pounds' approach. (Though, he hints at that as well, you can easily tell that he does enjoy the act of running.) As you know if you pay attention around here, I really enjoy running as well. It's therapeutic, inspiring, and even relaxing. Jay is setting off on a marathon quest of his own this year. Stop by his blog, check out his readings, and subscribe to updates. Wish him well on his journey. I, for one, know just how far the simplest words and wishes can go to helping with motivation to hit the pavement.


Jay H. said...

Thanks very much the encouragement. It is indeed both about the thrill of running as well as the agony of the growing belly. Mostly I just want to keep drinking good beer in decent quantities. Again, appreciate the link and the kind words! - JAY

Bryan Kolesar said...

Got to clear a couple of more health hurdles with my doc, then I'll be ready to announce my plans for the Pittsburgh (PA) marathon in May.

take care, Jay