Sunday, January 04, 2009

There go my plans of being the bad boy of beer

Probably a good thing, since there's some tuff competition out there!

Thanks for the kind words, Suz, and great job on encapsulating a year in Philly-area beer. But, for the record, there's no human out there who thinks I'm a nicer guy than Dr. Joel.

It's been enjoyable seeing everyone's take on how to remember the year 2008. See also:

~ Don Russell's favorite beers of the moment (fwiw, in my opinion, the only "safe" way to do these favorite-style lists)
~ Jack Curtin's awards and observations
~ Lew Bryson participates in The Session (which should absolutely should be a resolution of mine to participate in more often) and reveals his thoughts of 2008 and forecast for 2009 ** While at Lew's blog, be sure to check out "Why We Drink"
~ Jay Brooks submits his 2008 grades for your review; good marks Jay!
~ John Rehm reviews notes from a year prior
~ Alan McLeod does 2008 in Part 1 and Part 2
~ Pete Brown reviews the Best and the Worst across the Pond in 2008
~ Shaun O'Sullivan checks in with his thoughts of things done and to come
~ Andy Crouch reviews the year and contemplates his wishes for better beer in 2009's Boston
~ Stan Hieronymous reminisces on things he'll miss from 2008
~ Maureen Ogle has wishes for 2009 that are hard to argue with
~ Dan Bengel's had a crazy year and he's ready for the next one
~ Tomme Arthur came off gift-giving agony for his daughter's second birthday with a great follow-up Christmas story
~ Jeff Glazer at Madison Beer Review looks back and looks forward


booboodog said...

brian, thanks for the memories!!! i know it has been a great year. our trip to colorado, meeting you and suz at iron hillwc. and finally getting my dream job. hope that 2009 is just as good.

Adam said...

You'll have to take back the hog and the black leder hosen ;-)