Saturday, January 10, 2009

Staid Main Line? not in Wayne, PA

I'd heard well-placed whispers for a few months now that there were longer-term changes in store ever since John Mims took the toque at The Freehouse. It looks like the changes are finally underway, big time. When living in Ardmore, we often enjoyed Carmine's in Havertown. I'll look forward to seeing his new operation and how it takes shape over the next few months. Opened yesterday, if I recollect correctly, at 3pm. Similarly, long-simmering changes have been on the table at White Dog in University City (Philly). As original and long-time owner (and leading community voice) Judy Wicks continues to take more of a supporting role at the restaurant, it looks as if part of the new plans include a Wayne location as well. If this plays out as planned, this could be another nice little beer-y addition to Wayne. A stop-in at White Dog in University City always brings at least a couple of good beers (especially of the local variety, in keeping with their mission statement) and bites at this Philly classic. Teresa's Next Door has a new website and their continuing stellar lineup of beer. A new outpost of Flanigan's Boathouse has opened...joining its sibling Conshohocken's and Malvern's locations. They have a decent looking beer list (with the competition in Wayne, they'd better), I just don't know how much they're actively promoting it. First hand investigation is required, I believe. Okay, so Beer Yard remains the same, yawn ;-) With all of this change to small, little-old Wayne, the question that will be answered throughout this new year and next: Will the town be able to support these new and changing businesses?


Anonymous said...

hell yeah...want to know why? Destination Beer Geeks. The cops are cool, and that said its only about a mile to the Blue Route. :D

Bryan Kolesar said...

Lucky you...lucky me :)

Anonymous said...

Wow.. Can't believe Mims actually found someone else to con! Why isn't he in jail yet, instead of in a kitchen. This man is truly an unsavory character.