Friday, January 30, 2009

Vintage Beer + Breweriana Swap Meet at Memphis Taproom: 3/15/2009

The creative events. These will be one of Philly Beer Week's strengths in its sophomore go round. When it comes to creativity, Brendan and Leigh at Memphis Taproom (and, of course, Local 44 as well) lead the charge. Anyone can do a Meet & Greet...and they're fine as a chance to drink some beer and chat with a brewer that you admire. There are close to 50 of them during this year's PBW. There are some physical activities (shameless plug), a Partly Sunny in Philadelphia promotion, a dog (PAWS) event, and a cheesesteak contest. But, this event at the Memphis Taproom gets to a different part of the industry that I'm guessing counts many more members than most would believe. Collectors. Every industry has them, and the brewing industry is no different. Brewing equipment, books, labels, advertisements, caps, and bottles are some of the more commonly collected items. Memphis Taproom is looking for as many dealers/sellers to come out and show/sell/trade their wares (some may even contain "a liquid" as a bonus). And, hey, you don't have to be an actual, registered dealer...just someone with some beer stuff that you want to trade or sell. Here is the text from the Event's calendar listing... This is an open call for any vintage beer or breweriana collectors interested in setting up shop for the afternoon. The event will be held on Sunday March 15 from 12pm-3pm. This is a chance for seasoned collectors to buy/sell/swap treasures and an opportunity for the rest of us to try to get a hold of rare or never seen beer and beer-related stuff. There is no fee to join in, but space is somewhat limited, contact to reserve your place. (Act fast!)

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