Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Bauer Wines and Spirits in Boston, MA

I just wanted to take a few sentences here (ha, believe it?!) to echo other sentiments on Bauer Wines in Boston, MA. They get referred to as one of the better beer stores in Boston and certainly lived up to the reputation during on of my recent visits. They are located in a subterranean space on Newbury Street, one of the most fashionable/trendy areas of Boston. The staff was extremely helpful, though if not particularly expert, in the arena of beer...but no big deal. Actually, one of their comments was something to the effect of "how lucky I was to live in Pennsylvania, home of Yuengling." But, I digress. During my visit, these were just barely some of the many fine brews in current inventory across the floor and (somewhere around) 10 coolers. You probably recall seeing in an earlier post the ones that found their way home with me. Next time, I'm driving to Boston (more cargo space in the trunk ;-), like I did back in May. Only wish I had stopped at Bauer back then. Dogfish Head Golden Shower; 60 min; 90 min; Aprihop Stone Vertical Epic 06-06-06; Imperial Stout Great Divide (many) Sprecher Russian Imperial Stout Founders Dirty Bastard & Curmudgeon Harpoon Offshore Unibroue (many) Several trappist and other Belgian ales

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