Wednesday, July 12, 2006

'Topic of the Week': Week In Review; Can the Macro Segment do Craft Beer well?

The second Topic of the Week provided interesting perspectives on the subject of the macro segment trying their hands at craft-style beer. Following is a summary of the various responses that we received. Adam: Is really concerned about the "big guys" coming in and cannibalizing the "little guys"; like a Wal-Mart analogy Chris: Doesn't find it too far-fetched that the macro attempt at craft beer will forever prevent macro lovers from converting over to micros JJK: Has some concerns, but ultimately does not believe that the macro attempts will prevent continued growth in the micro segment, and certainly will not result in lost micro customers Bryan: Figures it doesn't really matter, because growth in the micro segment comes from within and from the wine/spirits world, not so much from the macro side. Plus, these attempts generally are not that stellar, so the fear of losing micro customers is not that great Mike: Is more concerned with the concept that macros like A-B are starting to employ...buying some type of interest in macros. His fear is that this has the potential to ruin the business model and reputation that the macro brand has created. {This is a related and future 'Topic of the Week'} Anonymous: Feels that the macro interpretations, like Blue Moon, have real potential to be "gateway" beers for newcomers. He also sights the potential for concern in brewers switching between micro and macro brewhouses. (Certainly, a potential for future 'Topic of the Week' discussion} Brian: Sees the potential for a larger, more stable, distribution network being advantageous to the micros Thanks again for another stimulating discussion!

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