Monday, July 31, 2006

Beer Tasting: New Glarus Wisconsin Belgian Red

This Belgian-style Red is from New Glarus Brewing Company in Wisconsin. The 750ml bottle was purchased for $7.99 from Brennan's in Madison, WI and transported back to Pennsylvania where it has been kept refrigerated at approximately 40F since then. (OK, and truth be told, it journeyed with us to Cooperstown for BCTC 2006, but was never consumed and, thus, journeyed back home :) The beer was joined in a food pairing by a butterscotch bread pudding from John Harvard's in Wayne, PA. Adam's Notes:
  • looks like a bloody mary :-)
  • almost no head in my glass, very thin ring
  • this would be great with a chocolate cherry tort
  • tasted ok with the bread pudding Bryan provided
  • I want the beer a bit warmer
  • nose is very obviously fresh cherry not like cherry syrup
  • tart that's balanced or melded rather...with the malt very smoothly
  • seems to get thicker as it warms
  • kinda perfumy like passion fruit
  • Wow! This was delicious. Reminds me of the dinner at Monks with Russian River and Pizza Port
Bryan's Notes:
  • pinkish/reddish haze would definitely describe the appearance
  • little, to no, head
  • nice, quick hit of malty goodness up front
  • quickly introduces real sweet cherry heaven
  • if you like cherries, you'll love this (apparently 1 lb of Wisconsin cherries in each bottle)
  • like Adam said, tastes like real fruit without a doubt, not syrup or other scientific flavors
  • adds a bit of sherbert in 7-UP flavor (you know the kind of non-alcoholic fizzy drinks you get at some parties?)
  • nice bit of carbonation to keep the beer jumping on the palate
  • need to disagree with Adam on the temperature. I feel it's more refreshing and flavorful on the cooler side...not cold, but cool
  • the murkiness and texture loses appeal with rising temperature
  • perhaps, like Adam mentioned, a cherry/chocolate dessert might have paired better than the bread pudding did (not bad, but not great)
  • this is not as wild/tart/sour as some Belgians out there; I'd say this is an approachable, but not aggressive, interpretation
  • very, very, very (get the point?!) enjoyable
  • Mark, please bring more from Madison!

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