Sunday, July 16, 2006

Beer Event: Ommegang 2006, Belgium Comes To Cooperstown (Panoramic Picture)

Click to see the full image :-)
It is a very wide picture of the the grounds. This is a 360 view. If you have a hard time viewing it, in the browser try some of these tips;
  • zoom in by clicking on it in Firefox
  • in Internet Explorer put your mouse somewhere on the picture and look for the zoom sqare, then click on it
  • zoom in on it and use the horizontal scroll bar to move from left to right through the picture
  • right click on it and save it to a file. Then try opening up with a graphics program.
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Chris said...

I like the way the Dogfish Head van sort of fades out of existance. Nice job stitching that together!

Adam said...

Heheh...yeah. Off center beer for off centered people with offcentered photos!