Thursday, July 20, 2006

Beer Travels: Greetings from San Francisco

While the weather creates havoc back home, I am happy to report that San Francisco is beautiful this week! In my off hours from work, I have had time to fit in part of a San Francisco Giants baseball game, a visit to 21st Amendment (Summit IPA, 21st IPA), and Thirsty Bear (IPA, Brown Bear cask). Speaking of beer and baseball, I think I will give you peak at what AT&T Park has on tap throughout the stadium. I thought Philadelphia's Citizen Bank Park had a good lineup of beer available to its fans (and it does), but San Francisco surely ranks near the top too. Check back later today for this recap. If I didn't have such a busy day planned for tomorrow, I would be checking out Toronado tonight for their Summit Hop Summit event. They are featuring 15 (mostly) local breweries who all created their version of a Summit (hop) IPA. I think I'd better exercise some control and skip this event. Just a "normal" night at Toronado is more than most can handle ;-) So, tomorrow night after my work day is over, perhaps I'll visit Magnolia for dinner and cask brew sampling. And, then wander down the street for a nightcap or two at Toronado. Oh, and by the way, it's hard to complain about traveling when the Hilton hotel that I'm staying in has Fat Tire, Paulaner, Anchor, Stella Artois, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale & Celebration, Guinness, Samuel Adams Boston Lager, Pyramid Hefeweizen, Newcastle Brown on tap. Talk about exercising self-control and just walking by on the way to my room!

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