Wednesday, July 19, 2006

'Topic of the Week': Week In Review; Do you like TVs in bars?

We might have predicted that this subject might not draw all that much interest. The only time I hear people all that concerned about TVs is when they're looking for a game to watch. Me, I generally prefer to watch the games at home, where I can concentrate on what's going on and hear the action as well. Otherwise, it seems that the general feeling is not all too emotional about whether there are TVs in your favorite watering hole or not. Here's a sampling of the some of the comments that we received last week on the subject. Bryan: Let's keep the TVs relegated to sports bars, where they make the most sense. Otherwise, what does a TV need to be on for in a bar, where people are meant to be socializing. Adam: Notices the distraction that people fall into when they gaze off to look at the whatever's on TV; that can be annoying Anonymous: TVs are definitely good for sports and especially for the World Cup action recently; TVBGone would be a "fun" solution Mike: It's not just about TVs, but other distractions as well...pool, shuffleboard, beer pong. But, bars often cross the line between good pub for socializing and sports bar. Plus, can't sports serve as a social catalyst. We'll be back next week with the next installment of 'Topic of the Week'.

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Adam said...

Thanks :-)

I heard about it, but, I never saw the trailer. Mixed feelings for me. Hmmmm...jury is still out. I guess we'll have to check it out.