Saturday, July 01, 2006

Beer Culture: What's on hand in your house?

We do taste all kinds of beer. Did you ever wonder what we usually have in the fridge? Right now I have a case of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. I was at the local distributor (it's a PA thing) wondering what to get. Well since Scott, our neighbor, likes their pale ale I thought I would get a case. You see I already had some Hoegaarden witbier and some Three Floyds Alpha King in the fridge at home, but, those are not what most people like to drink. Not to mention they are a little pricey. So why force people to drink beer that is outside their tastes and expensive for me? Enter the Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. This is a great beer with a good hoppy profile and a clean crisp mouthfeel balanced with a solid malt backbone. It was just voted one of the best beers by Zymurgy readers too. It is a little cheaper than the others I mentioned too. So now when Scott comes over I have something he likes and I save a buck or two. I also get to stretch my cases of Hoegaarden and Alpha King :-) As and extra bonus I always have the Alpha King to scare Scott away if I need it! Bryan, what's on hand in your house? How about everybody out there?


Anonymous said...

Currenly I have 5 gal kegs of Goose Island's Hefeweizen and Rock Bottom Chicago's Saison on tap. And I have about 30-40 assorted singles in the main fridge, including; Stone IPA, Kunhenn's Final Absolution, Goose Island's Batch 2000, Duck-Rabbit Imperial Stout and Tyranena Bitter Woman from Hell (others I can't remember). Don't get me started on the contents of the beer closet.

I just had a party and I was hoping it would help me clear out some of my backstock, but I think I have more beer now than I did before...

Please help. :)

Adam said...

Whoa! I see a road trip to NC in the near future ;-)

Nice to have something on tap at your house. I have some kegs of home brew in the fridge too, but, its a bit too heavy for summer (Wee Heavy & Stoutenporter)

Enjoy the Hefeweizen and Saison :-)