Sunday, July 02, 2006

'Topic of the Week': Week in Review; Smoking Ban in Bars

The first weekly 'Topic of the Week' is off to a successful start. On the topic of smoking bans in bars, the responses mostly went to the side of joy for the banishment of smoking in bars and restaurants. Everyone made quite compelling arguments and I have taken the liberty to try and summarize some of the more salient points below. Thank you all for the continued interest you show in our site. Look forward to the next 'Topic of the Week' coming soon. Bryan: Business owners should be allowed to set their smoking policy in keeping with current laws; let the market decide which business succeed and which businesses fail Jeremy: Interesting suggestion to allow special permits for smoking bars in light of a system-wide ban; plus, women are more attractive without a cigarette in their mouth Mike: Dramatically increased chance of health-related problems when people are confronted with smoke in enclosed areas. Government has every right to enact legislation to uphold public welfare Mark: The quality beer experience is greatly improved in non-smoking establishments Adam: Discussion between smokers, non-smokers, and business owners should be able to facilitate cooperation Lisa: Honey, you're nuts :) Today's society has evolved to a point where, at least on this topic, rules need to be made in order to be enforced.


Anonymous said...

As a considerate "social smoker" who has visited a number of nonsmoking locations around the nation, I have come around to the idea of smoking bans being good for everyone involved. I'd rather go outside than have my bitchy friends pass on a night of beer-drinking fun because they can't tolerate smoke. I'd also prefer to not reek when I get home from bars. Last, because I'm considerate, I prefer to smoke outside than to wonder if I'm pissing off other patrons, and this habit has developed an appreciation for the outside smoke-break. I ask only for a sliver of shelter to huddle under if it's raining...

A lot of smokers think that they have the right to smoke wherever and whenever they please, regardless of the impact to those around them. This is a totally self-centered perspective much like people who gab on their cell phones in theatres and people who rip ass loudly and odiferously at the supermarket. Unfortunately, in all of these cases you do impact those around you and make them uncomfortable in many cases. What gives you the right? Your addiction?

Finally, I will say that I hate nonsmokers who ask for seating in the smoking section then complain anyway. If you want nonsmoking, ask for it. If you're in the smoking section and you're not comfortable, have your table moved, jerk!

Bryan Kolesar said...

Hey, trashpicker, thanks a lot for your comments. I was hoping to get a couple of smoker comments. Interesting to hear your take on the subject as a "considerate social smoker."

On another note, I'm going to beermail you privately about the Kennett Square festival. My friend from Madison is planning to come to PA for it in October and would like to hear more of your comments about last year's version.