Sunday, July 16, 2006

Beer Event: Belgium Comes To Cooperstown, Day 3 (Morning)

2006 Belgium Comes To Cooperstown Festival Alas, the weekend must come to a close. We all awake this morning, actually earlier than Saturday morning. Curious given the copious amounts of fine beverage consumed over the past 24 hours. Maybe the B-vitamins, maybe the pacing, maybe the food base? Who knows. In any case, we are all (well, almost all...but I won't out anyone here) feeling pretty well. Well enough to laugh and rehash stories from the previous 36 hours. Now it's time to think about packing up, buying some last minute goods from the brewery shop, and hitting the road. It's a long road ahead of us, especially after the weekend we just had. But, boy, was it a great weekend. No one is going home disappointed. In the spirit of the format that I've been using all weekend, here are some short notes about our experiences this morning and afternoon along the way home. - The flies are everywhere; I think that's how I was awoken this morning - The group of 6 next to us who were so happy and proud of themselves for being the only group still talking loudly in our area in the wee hours was a bit quieter in the morning - The hot sun did not take long to show and make its presence known - People are surprisingly on the move and clearing out; most gone before 11am - At roughly 11am, the brewery shop opens and we pick up some clothing, accessories, and beer - The cave-aged Hennepin is my choice. Others choose the Three Philosophers and Rare Vos - Relatives of Allagash unfortunately have their RV stuck in the rain-soaked ground and create quite a project trying to get out of the ruts - Our's, fortunately, rolls out without incident - After dumping our solid wastes, we're on the road (I don't think you need any other "color" around this little project!) - After I put in the first leg of the journey, Scott aptly finishes the drive home - The RV is emptied and cleaned out before we return it to the dealer; successful mission complete! - "Adam, what does AHA stand for?"

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