Friday, July 14, 2006

Beer Event: The Brew Lounge is finally on the road to Cooperstown, NY

2006 Belgium Comes To Cooperstown Festival Bryan's Thoughts & Expectations - Taste new and exotic (read: Belgians, esp. wild) beers; though, I guess given the name of the festival, that's a big "duh"! - Meet new and interesting friends - Have an awesome RV experience with good friends Adam's Comments Bryan's piloting the RV. Everybody else is snacking and having a grand old time. We'll keep you up to date. We'll probably post something in a few hours.

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Jeremy said...

Bryan, don't forget that story about the old man and the RV who put the RV on cruise control while on the highway to go back and get a beer... or maybe it was to make a sandwich ;-)

p.s. Does your RV have a cool airhorn?