Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Growing Hops: Timelapse Video

I'm hoping to shoot another where I can get a better shot of the bine getting longer :-)
If you do not see the video above, click here.
You can also right click the link and save it to your computer and play it.
This time lapse was taken with my Canon Powershot SD110 on a tripod. I used the remote capture sofware that comes with the camera, a usb cable connected to the camera and my laptop. There were over 480 jpg images taken once per minute over an eight hour period. I used the free software VirtualDub to splice all the images together into a small avi file and resize the pictures. Then I used another free application, VideoLan, to encode it as an .m4v file.


Jeremy said...

Have you thought about posting it to You Tube or Google Video?

Adam said...

Good idea. :-)

Unknown said...

Looking good! Any recommendations for someone considering growing hops?