Thursday, July 27, 2006

One night in Chester County, PA

Funny how dropping a car off for servicing can lead to a wonderful night of beer drinking! Actually, it was dropping off three cars for servicing and drinking good beer at two excellent beer establishments. Allow me to explain.... Scott, Adam, and I all had a vehicle that had previously been scheduled for servicing today. So, we wanted to drop them off last night. Through a brilliant master plan by (eh-hem) Scott, we were able to drop off 3 cars, and pick another one up, in less than one hour. Then, we're all together in one vehicle and decided to celebrate our collective problem-solving mastermindness (!) with a beer or two at The Drafting Room in Exton. Then, not satisfied with just one stop, we included a final nightcap at the Flying Pig Saloon in Malvern. Enjoyed last night included: - the smooth and not overly tart or sour Kriek, from the same brewery, Brouwerij Verhaeghe in Belgium, that brings to us Duchesse De Bourgogne - the well-rounded Altbier from Rogue's John's Locker Stock Collection(#15) - the doppelbock brewed for The Drafting Room's 12th Anniversary by Troegs - the pleasantly bitter Middle Ages Wailing Wench - the pleasantly floral Smuttynose IPA - the fan-favorite Russian River Pliny the Elder - the big and beautiful quadrupel called Samaranth from Brouwerij De Leyerth/Urthel Oh, and Patrick at TDR and Steve at "the Pig" were both hanging around and provided us with some pleasant conversation. Now, the race is on to see who will have highest car repair bill today. Mine's covered by a vendor's mistake, so it's between Scott and Adam!


Adam said...

It was my PLAN!

Adam said...

Oh...and wasn't that a double IPA from Troeg's?