Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Site News: Severe Storm Knocks Out Power at Headquarters :-(

Some storms swept through our area recently causing power outages. As a result we may be light on posts over the next day or so if we don't get power back soon. Bryan has some stuff waiting and ready including Topic of the Week and some more Wisconson beer travel tales. I do have some more Ommegang video clips I'd like to share, but, we may need to wait until power is restored at headquarters (my house, the north annex ;-). Maybe our roving reporter, Bryan, will give us some West Coast updates.

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Bryan Kolesar said...

Unfortunately for the northeast, but selfishly for me, the weather in San Francisco has been picture perfect for walking the streets and taking in part of a Giants game. (And, oh yeah, enjoy some finely crafted beer from 21st Amendment and Thirsty Bear).

I'll do my best to help keep The Brew Lounge up-to-speed while electricity slowly gets turned on back east.